Wedding Event Rentals

It is time to start planning your wedding and we realize that your mind is probably beginning to swirl with the staggering amount of details that pulling off a wedding involves. But besides looking for your wedding vendors, you are starting to realize that there are all kinds of large and small items that you will be needing. Where in the world are you supposed to find them all? Well, you are in luck because there are companies known as event rental companies that can help you there. Some couples consider buying many of the items that they will need. This is usually a huge mistake. First of all, do you need to own all of these items and secondly, where would you store them all after the fact. Most weddings are going to need at least some tables, tablecloths, napkins, chairs, plates, forks, knives, glasses and so much more. And much to the chagrin of many couples, your chosen caterer and venue often do not provide these kind of items. So, therefore, you will need to seek out professional high quality event rental companies that you can interview. As you begin this search, you want to be very aware that event rental companies differ in one main category quite a bit: quality of the items they rent. That is why you not only want to interview each candidate that you find, but you also want to take a look at their inventory. This guide was designed to help you comb the St. Louis area for not only some high quality candidates, but also to help you hone in on the company you should rent from.

This kind of search can be a bit of a wild card. Do not and we stress do not take this search for granted. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the most important event that you will ever participate in, you want to make sure it exudes top notch quality. So, that means that your first objective is to find some high quality candidates in the St. Louis area. Your first stop should be to hop on the world wide web. Do a Google search for “event rental companies in the St. Louis area.” Our best advice here is to start clicking on links and evaluating potential candidates. When you see something you like, add the name to your list of candidates to interview. Your family, friends and coworkers are also a source that is very worthy of checking out. If anyone you know has recently been married, there is a very good chance they also had to seek out an event rental company. And you more than likely are ready to neglect your wedding vendors that you have already hired but that would be a huge mistake. They can be a tremendous source of information. Now that you have some vendors to check into, contact every name on your list and setup a time to make a site visit.

Show up to each meeting with a list of the items that you will need and the amount of those items. If you are not quite sure about the amounts, then you could ask each candidate that question. It would be best if you could find a company who has every item on your list, it just simplifies things. How must will it cost to rent all of your items? Do they offer any kind of packages? Also, keep in mind that they are the experts in this field and you are not. So, it is a very good idea to go over everything that will happen during your wedding day, they may mention some items that you need that you had never thought of. Do they have any kind of fees that you should know about, things like delivery, set-up and tear-down fees? Do they own their rental items? The reason we mention this is that rental items that are owned by a rental company are usually in much better physical condition. And speaking of quality of the items, have them give you a tour of their facility. This way, you can see the quality of the goods for yourself. If they refuse, then move onto your next candidate, there is a good chance they have something to hide. All of this footwork may seem like overkill but believe us, it is not. You want your wedding to be the best it can possibly be. Sit down and compare all of the candidates that you interviewed and you should be able to point to one that stands out.