Wedding Bartenders

As we see it, you have two choices when it comes to how your bar area services your guests on your big day. You can decide not to hire a professional bartending service for your reception and watch your reception go very quickly downhill. Or, you can hire a professional and and experienced bartender and be delighted as your guests get the drinks they order in an efficient and courteous manner. This is one of those hires that many people take for granted but that becomes highly noticeable when the wrong person is attempting to pull it off. A quality bartender does much more than just hand drinks over to your guests. They are the ones who keep the bar area looking good, who create an inviting atmosphere for your guests, and who know how to mix all of those amazing drinks. Knowing this task is well taken care of frees you up to mingle with your special guests without worrying about whether their drinks are topped off. There are some absolutely amazing mobile bartenders in the St. Louis area, you just need to find some of the top candidates and then evaluate them in order to narrow down your search to the one who would serve you and your wedding guests the best. We have put together this guide in order to make sure that that is exactly what happens.

Your probably have a question at this point and we can probably guess what it is. Where in the world can you find some top notch bartending services? We recommend that you start by chatting with your family, friends and coworkers. Has anyone said I do in the last couple of years? Hopefully, someone you know has hired a mobile bartender and had a great experience. If so, this is a great start on a list of potential candidates to consider for your wedding. You also must harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “mobile bartenders in the St. Louis area.” This should provide you a few results pages to check out and if you find yourself gravitating to a certain candidate, add them to your list. Your wedding vendors that you have a relationship with is another source to check with. Call up each candidate on your list and find out if they have a bartender available for your wedding day. If they say no, obviously, you can scratch them off of your list. Setup interviews with the rest.

We are going to say this as simply as we can. When you are sitting across from each candidate asking your questions, keep in mind that actual bartending experience is one of the most important aspects you can ask about. Ask them if they have experience in an actual bar or bartending private parties. Have they ever serviced a wedding? Make sure that they are state licensed. Most venues will not allow unlicensed bartender to operate within their walls. How did they learn the business? How many different drinks can they mix? Make sure they have had responsible vendor training. They need to have General and Liquor Liability insurance. Do not hire anyone who does not. Do they have everything needed for a bar setup? Do they have the expertise to help you know how much alcohol to purchase? How much will their service cost? Do they charge any hidden fees like a travel fee? How do they usually dress at an event? At some point in your round of interviews, you will come across a candidate that you really like and who seems to offer everything you need and want in a bartender. Ask them for a written contract, go over it with them and have both parties sign.