Haunted Houses

Halloween time is here again, and there are a few options to spend your Halloween in St. Louis. Of course, you can get the kids ready for Halloween and take them trick-or-treating. This can be a lot of fun, especially for enthusiastic parents. It’s great seeing the reactions on peoples’ faces as you take them door to door in their horrifically cute Halloween costumes. And best of all, you may even score a little candy at the end of the night.

But nowadays, trick-or-treating is becoming passé. The real way to get spooked for the season is by visiting a St. Louis haunted house. While you can convert your own home into a haunted houses for a few days over this Halloween season, the haunted houses you can find today are sure to make your hairs stand up. Some of them may even have you running to the door. Haunted houses in St. Louis are truly demented. From the old-fashioned scare houses to some of the new and exciting haunted attractions, you can find something to scare the whole family.

One of the best options is finding an outdoor haunted attractions deep in the middle of nowhere. These companies perfect the feeling of aloneness and dread. There’s nothing scarier than running through a field with who knows what chasing behind you. Another great reason these attractions are becoming so popular is that they afford you the best opportunity of enjoying the last bit of warm weather while also taking advantage of the holiday. While these haunted houses are great at creating the ambiance of terror, indoor haunted houses are becoming increasingly more creepy. With some of the special effects of these attractions, you’ll think you’ve entered your own Halloween movie. Today’s haunted house are done with ghost sheets and the heads poking out of tables. In these houses, you’ll encounter pure terror as you travel through their blood-spattered hallways, tripping over body parts both human and monster. From their horrific deformities to the demented psychopaths, there’s a reason haunted houses very clearly state that they do not offer refunds for chickens. But everyone gets scared sometimes, so be sure you come with backup. For a group trip to a St. Louis haunted house, a party bus is always a safe bet to get there.

Taking a party bus to a haunted house is a pretty unique idea, and it’s sure to pique some interests. Could you find a better way of making sure everybody arrives to the haunted house safely and with their bellies full of good food and drink? Also, a party bus is the perfect way to set the pre-spook ambiance. Dim the lights, turn on some creepy music or a disturbing DVD slideshow, and make sure you and your guests arrive at the haunted house thoroughly creeped out. You can decorate the party bus with Halloween decorations. You can even make it a haunted party bus — “the Bus to Doom” if you will.

A great idea is taking a party bus from haunted house to haunted house. As you start off, check out some of the haunted houses nearby. While St. Louis haunted houses are pretty scary in their own right, you have to go a bit out of the way to reach some of the best, especially if you’re looking for a good outdoor haunted attraction. And as you head back home, you can reflect of the creepiness you and your group encountered throughout the day.

So don’t risk it. If you want a truly memorable Halloween and want to take some of the responsibilities out of your own hands, hire a party bus! You can kick back, have a few drinks and really set the tone for the Halloween season.